Treated articles

IMSL is widely recognised for its expertise in the measurement of the performance of treated articles ranging from antibacterial coatings, through treated plastics to textiles intended to control the formation of odour. We are actively involved in all of the major global initiatives related to the testing and regulation of these materials as well as in the drafting of the regulatory guidance.

As well as acting as consultants to manufacturers and regulatory agencies, IMSL can perform all of the known standard tests employed in this field (eg JIS Z 2801 / ISO 22196, ASTM E2149, AATCC 100, AATCC 147, JIS L 1902, ISO 20743, IBRG TEX13-005 etc). Special focus is applied to the support of claims and IMSL has developed many protocols to simulate the end use scenario intended for products such that both robust regulatory and marketing claims can be supported. We regularly act as consultants to help understand what can be achieved with treated articles and how claims may be supported and what effects these have on their regulatory status.

IMSL can also help provide data to both explore and support claims for antiviral activity on both non-porous (including surface coatings) and in porous materials (including textiles). This ranges from variants based on ISO 21702 and ISO 18184 to protocols designed to simulate the end use of the materials in practice. In many cases development work is performed using bacteriophage analogues of mammalian, avian and piscine viruses before testing the final candidate formulations against either the target species / group or a surrogate of them.