The concept of consultancy lies at the very heart of all that IMSL does. We realise that for most of our customers, the microbiology of their products and processes is at best a hindrance to manufacture and use. Our data therefore always comes with the support necessary to understand its impact whether this involves IMSL monitoring the day-to-day control of hygiene in a process or helping to design a testing strategy that supports a claim for a treated material intended for use in clinical environments.


There are of course also occasions when new products are being developed or a new system is being designed for which microbiological expertise is required. Under such circumstances IMSL can utilise its wide range of expertise to act as consultants even when no testing is required, whether this be face-to-face meetings, presentations on how the microbiology of a system might affect product development and performance to the production of marketing and technical feasibility reports.  We can even design and run entire product development projects from the concept stage to product launch and, where appropriate, product authorisation.